Croatia Food & Wine Flotilla suggested itinerary

Before your trip 7 Days Tour
Croatia Food & Wine Flotilla suggested itinerary

Cruise the Dalmatian Coast while indulging in stunning scenery, unique fine wines and delicious local delicacies. Do it all in style on board your private charter with a group of like-minded travelers and be led by our experienced lead crew dedicated to escorting you on a foodie’s dream tour of the Adriatic Sea.

Day 1 - Arrival

Upon arrival at our base marina in Agana, you’ll be greeted by our base crew and welcomed onto your yacht. Start the evening off by meeting your fellow sailing and cruising enthusiasts at a local restaurant, called konoba. You’ll enjoy traditional delicacies like peka, a special dish baked with embers of veal, lamb or octopus.

Tip: If you’re looking for a pre-departure swim, the beaches to the east of town are quiet

Day 2 - Sail to the coastal town of Stomorska on the island of Šolta

Sail to the coastal town of Stomorska on the island of Šolta. The island boasts olive groves and vineyards which make it a perfect stop on your itinerary. A few minutes from Stomorska isa family-run farm and vineyard, Kaštelanac. Not only do they pride themselves on their rose and red wine varieties derived from the Dobričić grape, but the traditional Dalmatian liquors, homemade cheeses and marinated fish are not to be missed.

Tip: The Dobričić grape was lost during the construction of the vineyards during WWII, Kaštelanac vineyard is one of few local wineries offering it.

Day 3 - Cruise to Vis town

Cruise on over to Vis town, known for its wine and fantastic seafood. Visit the Antonio Lipanović vineyard, a local leading winemaker will delight you with the region’s best wines. Learn local grapes Vugava, Viski Opol or Plavac Mali and which new world grapes they compare to while sampling the local pršut (prosciutto), anchovies and cheeses.

Day 4 - Sail the day away

Cruise on your own or stay with your flotilla friends. Take in the breathtaking Dalmatian scenery from your charter while enjoying snorkeling where you can see rare black corals and remarkable undersea caves. You can also visit one of Croatia’s remotest large islands, Svetac; thought to have been home to a pirate queen Teuta and her hidden treasure.

Day 5 - Join your flotilla

Join your flotilla and meet your friends in this historic, traditional town renowned for the finest food and wine in the Adriatic region. Visit the Tomić winery which is known to produce the best wines in Croatia, with 150 years of winemaking tradition, Andro Tomić is at the forefront of wine production. Sample the grapes of Plavac, Opolo Nobile and Beleca accompanied by locally sourced cheeses, hams and anchovies surrounded by ancient wine cellars and historic Roman dining rooms.

Day 6 - Sail along the hilly coast to the island of Brač

Visit the small, historical town of Bobovišće. While there visit the Senjković vineyard, known for its rustic wine cellar full of personality, filled with barrels and antique black and white photographs. Taste the Bosso, Bročko Rić, Spoža, Prošek grape varieties. Limited production and their popularity mean this is the only place to sample most of the Senjković wines. Each wine is paired with a delicious homemade canapé for a real taste of Brač

Day 7 - Sail away from Brač and back to our Dalmatian marina base

You can choose to marvel in the Dalmatian coast and enjoying the morning breezes or head back early to Supetar Bay at Necujam for a satisfying Dalmatian meal and a drink in a waterside konoba (restaurant).