Excitement, disguised as laughter, smiles, and loud conversations fill the air. Bright color clothing decorate the people and streets. The vibrations of drums, guitars, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and the performers make a slight effort to drown the sounds of the already energetic crowd. The streets are being beaten by the feet of the thousands of people dancing and singing, while others choose to lounge on the sidewalks and bob their heads. The ambiance of the city is overwhelmed with culture as the sounds of jazz music bursts through the streets, shops, cafes and restaurants. The annual International Jazz Festival in Aarhus, Denmark is one of the reasons why this old city remains young at heart.

Founded by the Vikings, Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark and it is located in East Jutland. With a little over 300,000, the city is populated with many museums, restaurants, trendy shops and cafes. In addition, the University of Aarhus and the 25 other learning institutions also attract the many college students that monopolize the city. By day, fashionable stores like Gallery Bo Bendixen and BOXdeLUX offers a variety of products that make the shopping experience exciting and enjoyable. The Museum of Ancient Art takes you on a journey to the Mediterranean countries, by acknowledging their ancient rituals with its fascinating displays of Egyptian mummies, and its celebrations of the traditions of the ancient Greek gods. Having a smooth glass of wine or beer, or even a cup of cappuccino over inviting conversation at one of the many cafes or pubs can be a relaxing way to end the night. Dancing the night away while listening to a live band at La belle or to popular mainstream music at The Social Club can also be an exhilarating experience.

The restaurants in Aarhus have some of the best foods in Denmark. Whether it’s Forlæns & Baglæns for Spanish tapas and Spanish beer, or Italian, French, or Greek delicacies, the city has numerous restaurants that can quench any pallet. For a taste of a true Danish delicacy, stop by The Teater and Bodega restaurant and try the Skipper’s Hotpot or Biksemad dishes. You may even rub elbows with an actor, writer or musician since the restaurant is within reach of the Aarhus Theatre. Malling and Schmidt restaurant also embraces Danish cuisine with impressive and unusual dishes like smoked herring ice cream and musk ox.

Aarhus airport provides international and domestic flights to other European cities. There is also a bus service that takes passengers from the airport to the city with predefined stops along the way. For adult tickets one way is 100Dkk (16.48 USD), children one way ticket is 75Dkk (12.36 USD) and senior one way tickets cost 90Dkk (12.36 USD). Since the roads of the city are generally flat, traveling by foot and bicycling are relatively easy. Tourists can rent with an Aarhus card for DDk 10 (1.65 USD) for one day and 10% off of rental for more than one day. Another option is you can borrow a free bike by dropping a DDK 20 coin (3.30 USD) in the slot to release the bicycle from the rack. The money is refundable once the bike is returned to any bike station. With the Aarhus card you can experience more for less with discounts or free admissions to many of the popular attractions and restaurants the city has to offer. The card also makes bus and train rides less expensive as well. There is no charge when traveling within zone 1-2 on the city buses. For 24 hour adult tickets, the price is DKK 119 (19.63 USD) and 48 hour adult tickets are DKK 149 (24.57 USD). Children 24 hour tickets are DKK 59 (9.73 USD) and 48 hour children tickets are DKK 69 (11.38 USD). Buses from Aarhus travel to Vejlby Vest, Skejbyparken, and Skejby Sygehus. Trains travel to and from Copenhagen every hour.

The weather in Aarhus changes throughout the area because of the size of the city. February is generally the coldest month which averages to 31°F or below. The city is popular amongst tourists during the warmest month, July. The temperature remains steady at around 63°F. However, you may need a jacket even in the summer time because summers are known to be pretty windy.

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