Kick your feet up and enjoy a destination full of tranquility. A place where you are amicably invited to relax under the warm sun, and swim among the exotic fish that brilliantly light up the ocean. Agadir, Morocco offers the perfect combinations of land and sea, with miles of pristine sceneries displaying the authenticity of the Arabian lifestyle. In Agadir, it is easy to become hypnotize under the spell of such a unique culture, overflowing with ancient treasures, yet boasting modern amenities. Agadir is a picture perfect location for tourists looking for relaxation under a mystical ambiance. Get ready to embark on a remarkable journey full of surprises and indulge in one of earth’s most beautiful paradises.

Agadir is a seaside resort and city located in Morocco. Although the city’s landscape was abruptly disturbed by the hurricane of 1960, its old charm still peaks through the unwanted cracks, proving that Agadir is a force that should not be reckoned with. From the majestic sea spilling with oceanic adventures to the iconic landmarks, there is a plethora of exciting experiences that are worthy of exploration. The Amazigh Heritage Museum is a historical treasure chest filled with precious jewels dating back to the 18thand 19th centuries that are significant to the Berber heritage. To capture a bird’s eye view of the city in all its majesty, the old kabash holds the key to visions of natural wonders with the dramatic backdrop of the glistening sunset. In addition, discover nature at its best and get up close to the colorful species of birds that frolic in the Bird Valley as well as the Souss and Massa Wadis.

You cannot visit Agadir without shopping at the bustling Souk El Had market and the New Medina. Vibrantly decorated with genuine Moroccan merchandise from clothing to spices, shopping in the El Had market is an experience that requires all five senses. The pathways overflow with locals and tourists who are excitingly ready to get their hands on such exquisite goods specifically found in Morocco. Adorned with a jewelry souk and café, the New Medina sparkles with unique jewelry made by talented Moroccan craftsman.

Put on your best outfit and hit the town. The Agadir’s nights overflow with people wanting to rock the night away. The intense social scene encourages locals and tourists to enjoy the pulsating sounds of music while indulging in some of Morocco’s finest cocktails and beverages. Also, casinos are available for those looking to strike it big. With the magical atmosphere and picturesque Moroccan views, what can be better than this?

Let your nose lead you to the incredible food that Agadir has to offer. Aromas from pies, chicken, beef, fish, harira, pastilla, and cous cous fill the air of the Moroccan-style restaurants. Chefs are masters at preparing delicious cuisines perfectly flavored in local spices such as cinnamon, almond, paprika, cumin, turmeric, and argan oil to give their audiences the true taste of a Moroccan delicacy. So pleasant are the selections of delectable cuisines, any food critic will be satisfied.

Agadir experiences a hot and somewhat dry steppe climate. During the warm season (July-September) the temperatures average from the high 80s to a low in the mid 60s. In the cold season (November-February) the weather ranges from a daily high within the 70s to a low within the 40s.

Since Agadir is relatively small, getting around the city is easy. Buses service local transportation to various locations in and around Agadir. Taxis are also convenient and provide a more flexible mode of travel. Horses are an adventurous way to explore the hidden trails leading to the sacred almond trees. However, the majestic beach fronts, beautiful weather, and magical views are best enjoyed when taking a leisurely stroll.

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