Ain Soukhna

Ain Soukhna

Looking out onto the infamous Red Sea, Ain Soukhna (meaning hot spring) is a retreat of beauty and excitement. It is within distance to the Egypt’s capital, Cairo, and it is a gateway to many of Egypt’s finest attractions. The picturesque resorts, villas, sandy beaches, and restaurants make this town the perfect destination. Tourists can relax while they lie out in the sun, snorkel with the fish, or play beach volleyball. You can also take a leisurely drive or flight to a nearby city and gaze upon the popular attractions like the undefeatable pyramids, the Great Sphinx and St. Catherine’s Monastery and listen to the interesting secrets about the ancient statues.

Dive into the crystal clear waters and snorkel with the many species of exotic fish or ride the fierce waves of the Red Sea. The resort offers a number of entertaining and exciting adventures. The Stella Di Mare Hotel provides not only a relaxing but fun atmosphere. Visitors can indulge in a facial or full body massage, golf on the manicured green pasture, or cool off at the diving center. You can also feel the cool breeze of the ocean by water skiing, sailing, or even windsurfing. The Romance Hotel offers a modern décor ambience. Tourists are encouraged to enjoy the scenic view and listen to music while drinking a cool beverage at one of the hotel’s lounges. On Egyptian weekend (Thursdays and Fridays) Red Sea shore becomes a social event with friendly conversation, barbecue, and drinks.

Dining on crab, fish, and lobster freshly picked from the sea are some of the delicious cuisines that Ain Soukhna has to offer. The aromas of Egypt’s famous delicacies like rice-and-lentil, chickpeas, and ful medames fill the air in the restaurants of the retreat. Restaurants also serve international delicacies from Italian and Lebanese to Arabian dishes. Visitors can eat until their hearts' content at a local eatery or follow their noses to a café or bar.

The warm weather makes Ain Soukhna, Egypt the perfect destination. Temperatures soar to as high as 89.6 °F in July and to 44.6°F or lower in January but still quite humid. During this time it’s best to walk with a light jacket since the weather can be quite breezy.

A great way to explore the different cities in Egypt while learning about its ancient traditions and culture is to journey on one of the cruises Ain Soukhna has to offer. The tours depart from Ain Soukhna Port and they provide rides to the Pyramids of Giza and Egyptian Museum (USD 163/person), Islamic and Coptic Cairo day tour (USD 190/person), 2 day tour to Pyramids of Giza and Cairo (USD 295/person), day tour to Memphis, Sakkara, and Dahshur (USD 190/person), and tour to Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx (USD 165/person). Call a city cab and it will take you anywhere you want to go in the town and to other nearby Egyptian cities. To travel to Cairo take a taxi to Tourguman Terminal in Ramses and hop on the Super Jet (Bus).

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