Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach

Imagine feeling completely relaxed and laying on a hammock underneath tall palm trees that are shielding you from the rays of the golden sun. You can hear the sound of the ocean as it gently hits upon the shore. This is the feeling of being in Airlie Beach, Queensland, Australia. The town is a beautiful paradise with sandy beaches, deep blue ocean waters, and exciting adventures lurking in the distance. From cruising with crocodiles at the Whitsunday Crocodile Safari to horseback riding and parasailing, the memories and adventures of Airlie Beach will be unforgettable.

Located in the Whitsunday region and surrounded by the small communities Bowen, Shute Harbour, and Abel Pointe Marina, Airlie Beach is the embodiment of a calm yet exciting beach town. Backpackers commonly choose this town as a relaxation destination, where they can get their much needed rest or partake in thrilling water expeditions. Experience your own 3D swimming adventure while diving in the waters of the gorgeous islands of the Whitsunday Passage. You can also cool off from the heat by taking a dip in the man-made lagoon that’s located in the center of the town or go sailing under the picturesque sunset. The water activities and different cruises are endless and with each journey you will be surprised by the beauty and the magical world beyond and under the sea.

There are boutiques, markets, and retail stores that are pleasing to the everyday fashionista. From arts and crafts and jewelry souvenirs to boat supplies, the shops provide all the needed accessories that will make your trip even better. By night, Airlie Beach becomes a vibrant town with its booming and energetic nightclubs. Tourists are encouraged to feast on a hearty meal and dance the night away under the stars while sipping on an icy cold beer, wine, or fruity cocktail. Looking for a calmer evening, backpacker’s pubs or bars provide a more laid back atmosphere. Here, tourists can enjoy a nice drink with good conversation, over the rhythmic beats of music.

Indulge in the culinary delicacies of the sea like tempura soft shell crab, Spanish mackerel in Cajun spice, or king salmon fillets in bread crumbs from Fish D’vine, Cajun Fish and Rum Bar. For a taste of delectable Australian foods and hot rock dinning while basking in the al fresco environment, aromas from delicacies like sizzling garlic prawns, roast pumpkin and sweet potatoes, and calamari and local reef fish fill the air. Of course you cannot leave Airlie Beach without feasting on the popular dish, “fish and chips”. The foods of the restaurants and cafés are enticing and fulfilling to the average food connoisseur.

The weather of Airlie Beach is pretty warm all year round. However, rainfall is expected and frequent during the hot, wet months of November through May. Nevertheless, during this season, temperatures remain steady at 32ºC (89.6ºF). Throughout the months of June through October the climate is rather cool but also dry. Temperatures average from as high as 27ºC (80.6 ºF) to as low as 16ºC (60.8ºF). In the months of January, February, and March cyclones are common and the temperature averages at approximately 32Cº (89.6 ºF).

The enjoyable weather also makes getting around the town relatively easy. Tourists can take a leisurely ride by train via the Queensland Rail which provides services between Brisbane and Cairns and stops at Proserpine Train station, which is the closest station to Airlie Beach. The Whitsunday Transit or bus services (coach) are available to and from Airlie Beach and to different cities and towns along Queensland Coast. Taxis are also a convenient way to travel because taxi drivers will take pleasure in taking you to your desired destination whether it is within the town or along the Whitsunday coastline.

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