Khon Kaen , Thailand

Khon Kaen is a city in Isan, Thailand. It is also the capital of Khon Kaen province and the Khon Kaen district.Khon Kaen is located in the Khorat Plateau, in the central-northwestern area of Isaan. The city has some noteworthy Buddhist temples. On the south side of the city and East of the Friendship highway, there is a beautiful lake—Bueng Kaen Nakhon, with a diverse range of places for entertainment. The lake offers paddle boats for rent on the Northwest side and at night there is a lively night market buzzing with activity where one can buy an assortment of food, clothing and various souvenirs. The lake has a paved running path, which many people use during the evening. Also, there are free outdoor aerobics classes at various points around the lake for any age group, as well as ping pong tables (table tennis), and other recreation areas. A new shopping complex,Central Plaza, opened in early 2010.