GhanAgain Festival 2021

Culture & History
Gone Again Travel & Tours, hosted our first annual Ghana Festival in the Austin Community of Chicago. We wanted to highlight our African Heritage and show youth the pride that is within all of us and also educate. We founded Chicago Austin Youth Travel Adventures in 2015, to help youth identify themselves here in America and also from the roots of their heritage. We take youth on free field trips to cultural centers in the region and we have a bi-annual journey to Ghana West Africa.
The first annual GhanAgain Festival in the Austin Community of Chicago was created to highlight the connection between African Americans and heritage in Ghana West Africa.
Gone Again Travel & Tours, host yearly journeys for youth and adults. Parents can enroll youth in the Chicago Austin Youth Travel Adventures, Non-Profit, no cost, cultural immersion excursions throughout Chicagoland, and yearly journeys to Ghana.
Complete details for youth at
Also, donations to help more youth experience these birthright journeys to Ghana